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Koa as a puppy Koa now
Koa as a pup

Koa today

Koas Dad Bonnie
Koa's Dad, Edward

Koa's Mom, Bonnie

O`lena a a puppyOlena and toy
O`lena comes home

O`lena and toy having dinner

Kona sunset Kona sunset
Cruise ship sunset

Sunset on the farm

turkeys on the farm Kona loves a parade
Turkeys seem to roam wild here

Kona loves a parade. This one is 4th of July

Koa can be quite nanchalant while driving some papayas are quite large
Koa acts nonchalant while master drives him

An unripe papaya from my farm

the view from my part-time job "Kona Snow" blossoms on our coffee trees looks like snow
The view from my part-time job

"Kona Snow" is a coffee blossom

often we get clouds and no heavy rain some of the litter I helped deliver
Clouds over my farm, no rain though

Puppies I helped deliver

the Kona Coffee farmers Association booth at Coffeefest our coffee shack often wins awards at parades
Kona Coffee Farmers Association booth

Kona Coffee shack and a calender girl

the large water pipe ready for installation the flail mower on the tractor
2 inch pipe awiting burying in the trench

My flail mower attached to the tractor

sand filled trench for the big pipe The pump
The trench with sand, awaiting the pipes

My Irrigation pump and controls

530 young coffee trees mature trees
530 young trees ready for planting

1060 mature trees

Coffee TreesMore Trees
Trees, looking towards ocean
Looking up hill
Shuttle LaunchMy truck hits 100,000 miles
Bad scan of my Shuttle Photo
A milestone for my truck
Mark and SuluSulu and Mark
Sulu Can't Do a Shaka
The original photo
Original Photo
After using INPAINT program